24 August 2008

Locker Room Etiquette and more...

Is there an etiquette for the locker room? If not, I think there should be. I think camera cell phones should be banned from locker rooms. It is an invasion of our privacy. I have often gone to the gym and while changing notice someone on a cell phone and it makes me feel uncomfortable. How do I know they are not videotaping us in the changeroom in our state of undress? Will we end up on a porn site or on YouTube in some embarassing pose? It is so easy to take a photo or video without us knowing.

Restroom Etiquette

What about using a cell phone while in the restroom? I read an article about cell phone etiquette and they listed this one as a no-no. The restroom (or "washroom" as it is called in Canada), is a private place and you are invading your neighbour's privacy if you do it. Your call may pick up flushing, tinkling, conversations at the sink etc. etc. that are private and potentially embarassing. The washroom is a place to do your "biological business", touch up your make-up and hair if you are a woman, wash your hands and get out.

If you need to make a private call and are not in an office where you can close the door, go outside and use your cell phone. The restroom should not be used as a phone booth.

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