16 August 2008

Happy Blog Birthday and more...

It is hard to believe that it was only last year that I started my blog, but it was August 2007 when the idea first came to me to write a blog for administrative assistants.

It has been a very interesting year. I have learned so much and have enjoyed the writing and the interaction with other bloggers and my readers.

The last few months I have been busy compiling my articles into a book that will be published by Inkwater Press and should be available by mid- to late September, 2008.

I am very excited about the book. It has been a lot of hard work. Sometimes I wondered if I would have time to do it all, but finally it is completed and I will anxiously await my first copy.

To celebrate the completion of the book and my one-year blog anniversary, I am going to have a blog contest and offer a copy of the book to the winner. Stay tuned for more on that.

Thanks to all my blog readers. You have encouraged me to keep writing.

Here is what I wrote on my back cover that will give you an idea of what I tried to accomplish with the book:

  • Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Guide for Today’s Administrative Assistant is the result of a combination of a sense of humour and thirty years of secretarial experience and living to tell the tale.
  • Laughing is not a secretarial manual, but is a guide. A manual is useful, but a guide you will read.
  • Laughing and Survival are key words in the title because without the one you could never do the other.
  • Laughing is filled with common-sense practical and useful tools for the secretary that are not taught in the classroom but come from experience on the job. It is an easy-to-read book that entertains as well as educates.
  • Laughing is not all about work however. There is a section called The Rest of Your Life to help the busy office worker with after-work hints and tips.
  • Laughing will appeal to both the student just entering the administrative assistant field and the office worker already on the job.
Contributing authors are my sister Lynn Crosbie, who has been an administrative assistant for over 25 years, and my daughter, Krysta Anstey, who has written some of the chapters in the last section called "The Rest of your Life: Keeping a Balance."

I will keep you posted on the contest and on the book.