27 September 2007

Quick Tips Using Ctrl Keys...

The shortcut keys can be great time savers...here are a few that you might like:

"If you are in a document and you press Ctrl F2, it brings you to "Print Preview". Press Ctrl F2 again and it brings you back to your original view.

Here is a control key for line spacing... Highlight the text and then press Ctrl 1 for single space, Ctrl 2 for double space and Ctrl 5 for 1.5 spacing... I like to use this one..."
Submitted by Lynn, Admin Assistant

I love using the Control keys. Your hands never have to leave the keyboard.
Some of my favourites are:

Ctrl U for underline
Ctrl S to save
Ctrl N to open a new document
Ctrl i for italic
Ctrl B for bold
Ctrl P for print
Ctrl F for find
Ctrl C for copy
Ctrl X to cut
Ctrl V for paste...and there are many more

The more you use Control Keys the easier it becomes to remember them.

Here is a link1 to other shortcut keys.

1 Florida Gulf Coast University, http://www.fgcu.edu/support/office2000/word/shortcuts.html, (accessed September 27, 2007)

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