13 October 2018

Introducing Boomerang Virtual Assistants

I finally launched my new website and am open for business.  If you want to take a peek here is my URL address Boomerangvirtualassistants.com

It's very exciting!  Sometimes you just have to do it and quit trying to figure everything out.  My esthetician, who opened her own shop about a year ago, said she is learning the business side as she goes.  Of course you need to know the basics, but some things you really do learn on the go. 

I have the right resources to help me along: a bookkeeper to handle that part of the business.  My website is hosted on another platform so I have the security of being under someone else's umbrella and they have to do all the security work.  I bought a new computer and subscribed to a plan for IT support so I have an IT person at my beck and call.  I upgraded to the professional package offered by Dropbox so I can receive documents and recordings (I was already running out of space).  So I think I have all those bases covered. 

I am hoping my niche will set me apart from the rest.  We are a group of Baby Boomers who are not quite ready to retire (hence the name Boomerang) so we have a lot of experience to offer.  What I can't do or don't have time to do, the others can.

What we are offering is administrative services, but also minute taking.  Many people don't like taking minutes, but I do, so I am hoping that will help us stand out.  I also prepare electronic meeting packages using Adobe Acrobat Pro and have had many compliments over the years on the ease of using it so I hope to market that as well.  We also offer other services like travel arrangements, email management, meeting scheduling and all the regular admin services, but there are some things we don't do.  We don't want to get involved in any kind of budget work, social media help, graphic design and things like that.  It's just not our thing.  That is when I refer them to another virtual assistant service.  I think I'll need to get to know my virtual neighbours better. 

Thought I'd share. 

Have a great weekend all!

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