19 April 2011

What do you think about Admin Professional Week?

As many of you know, this weekend is the Easter weekend, but it also starts Admin Professionals Week, with the actual day being on April 27th. You will see from the article on the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) website, they are suggesting the theme should be celebrate all office professionals and I agree with that. I never did like being singled out as we have gone so far away from being just a secretary to being an important part of the team, whether it is directly supporting management or whatever area you are in. The admin profession has changed so much over the years that we not only support the manager, sometimes we are the manager.

The organization I work for recognizes our small team of admins for the work that we do and rely on us to contribute by providing excellent support services, but it didn't happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work to shake off the old stereotype into a new professional one. Here are some things you can do to bring that about:
  • Bring your level of service up a level (or two if necessary);
  • Act the way you want to be treated. If you want to be recognized as a professional, act like one;
  • Acquaint yourself with the goals of the organization and determine how your position aligns with those and work towards accomplishing them from your job. It takes a lot of little things to accomplish the big goals, so nothing should be discounted, including answering the phones and greeting clients or new customers at the reception desk;
  • Show management that you are paying attention by contributing intelligently at staff meetings with answers and suggestions that show you have the best interests of the organization in mind;
  • Take your performance appraisal time seriously and complete it with thought and not just something you have to do every year;
  • Present yourself as a professional working towards completing your tasks in a timely fashion;
  • If you don't have an Admin Team, think about starting one and organize yourselves in a professional manner by setting an agenda, recording the minutes and meeting with a goal to increasing the efficiency of the organization. It will be noticed!


From the best Typing Test said...

It is great to get the recognition for a job well done.

Patricia Robb said...

Yes it is, but don't you find it a bit awkward that the admins are the only group in the office who have their "special" day? I like that our profession has come so far, but I almost feel as if having special treatment to the other people in the office doesn't help our cause. I think it's time we are like the other professional groups in the office. Definitely having a professional association is a step in the right direction, but not necessary to have a lunch, flowers or whatever it is your office does. then there are hard feelings if your bosses don't do anything. I prefer to get recognition on my performance appraisal, which hopefully results in a pay raise, and after a successful event, being acknowledged for my role in making that happen.

Just my opinion, what do others think?

Anonymous said...

You make a good point about how having a "special day" keeps admins apart from the professional team as a whole. I am new to the profession, but my impression of the field of administrative and executive assistants is that they have to know as much about the owner's business as the owner does AND keep everything organized (which frees up the owner to take on even more business!) If that doesn't qualify a person to be considered a professional, I don't know what does. Admins may not be calling the shots, but they can often balance more on their plates than the executives they support.

Thanks for the thoughtful and informative site! I don't have the opportunity to visit here very often, but when I do, I find it time well spent. Cheers!