10 May 2009

Will Google ever stop amazing me? Introducing Goog/411

I was introduced to Google when I went back to work as an assistant in a law firm in Ottawa. I had taken time off to raise my daughter and when I came back computer technology had gone from DOS to Windows and the Internet was becoming very popular. I shied away from it however. I was happy just to know how to use the computer.

I was always amazed however when I asked my co-worker any questions. She would say, "Just a minute." A few clicks later and she had an answer for me. Finally, I asked her how she knew the answers and what was she doing to get the information? It was then she introduced me to Google. I have loved it ever since and that is when my list of handy Favourites was born.

Recently, a temp worker at my job gave me another Google tip. Google has an information line (1 800 466 4411). It uses voice recognition and is fantastic. Of course before I recommend anything I try it out so I picked up the phone and it asked me what I was looking for and what city and province. I named a store and was given a list of the top locations for the store I was looking for. I then had to choose which store and to either be put through to the number or get details. I chose details and was given the street address and phone number and I still had the option of having my call put through to the store number.

I am hooked already and this will definitely go into my Favourites under 411 Look up as well as on speed dial on my cell, home and work phone.

Oh yeah, did I mention, it's free...Try it, you'll like it!

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Anonymous said...

There is also a service through text messaging that is free (unless you have charges associated with texting through your phone plan). You can use google to get similar information. Send a text including the business name (or business type) and the zip code you're searching for. Within moments you'll have a text message in return with the information you're seeking.


If you're looking for a Blockbuster in Arlington, Texas you can send this text message:

Blockbuster 76001

Pretty neat.