22 February 2009

Protocol for addressing Canadian and foreign dignitaries

A reader asked if I would post on the proper protocol to address Canadian dignitaries such as the Prime Minister or other Ministers in the government. This government site gives you that information and more.

I will add it to my Favourites on the side bar of the blog under Addressing Dignitaries Protocol for everyone's convenience, but I would suggest you add it to your own Favourites as well. This is a must-have resource.

For my readers from other countries, you will note there is a section for foreign dignitaries and if you click on that it will give you the proper form to address just about anyone in the world.


Carol Bory said...

Another helpful site I refer to for protocol on addressing officials is www.formsofaddress.info.

Patricia Robb said...

Thanks Carol. That is a good site too.