29 January 2012

Ctrl keys are a real timesaver

Someone at work was trying to paste something by right clicking and using the paste option.  There were three options to choose from with a symbol for a paint brush, an arrow and the letter 'A'.  She tried one and it wasn't the paste she wanted so she said in frustration, "I never know which one to choose."  Each of the paste options do have a purpose, but for what we were trying to do I told her to just press Ctrl v and that would do it.  I have been using Ctrl keys for years and they are so simple and easy to use.

For those not familiar with the Ctrl key, it is located in the lower left-hand corner of the keyboard. To use it you need to press the Ctrl key and while holding it down press the letter for whatever you wish to do.  For example, these are very user friendly because the letter relates to what you want to do:

Ctrl s for Save
Ctrl p for Print
Ctrl for Find
Ctrl c for Copy
Ctrl i for Italicize
Ctrl b for Bold
Ctrl u for Underline
Ctrl a to highlight all of the document

For the others that are not so intuitive, as you use them they become familiar such as Ctrl v for paste and Ctrl x for cut.

Ctrl Shift End will highlight to the end of the document and Ctrl Shift Home will highlight to the beginning of the document.  Shift End will highlight from where you have your cursor to the end of the sentence and Shift Home will highlight to the beginning of the sentence. 

If you highlight a word or title and press Shift F3 you can toggle between upper case, lower case and initial caps by continuing to hold down Shift and press F3.

If you want to change the spacing for a para or the whole document, highlight what you want (or press Ctrl a to highlight the whole document) and press Ctrl 1 for single space, Ctrl 2 for double space and Ctrl 5 for space and a half.

When you get to the end of a sentence and two words are breaking that you would prefer stay together such as Mrs. Smith.  Instead of putting a space after Mrs., press Ctrl Shift Space and you will keep Mrs. Smith together on the same line.

Ctrl End will bring you to the bottom of the document and Ctrl Home will bring you to the top.

There are many, many more, but these are the ones I use the most and are very user friendly and timesavers.  Take the time to get used to them and I guarantee you will not look back.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great article.
I had used a few of these over the years, but I learned several new ones thanks to your article. I appreciate the time-saver tips.