12 April 2016

Sharing your Skills

Do you want to get better at what you do?  Share it!! 

You wouldn't believe how much I learn each time I give a minute-taking or travel webinar.  Because I am giving the webinar I have to review the material and make sure I know my stuff.  The audience will certainly know if I don't. 

The same can apply in your workplace.  If there is sharing of information among the admins, then we can learn from each other and we all grow.  You can do it formally in a teaching setting or informally talking to each other at a team meeting.  Some things that the more experienced admins could teach would be minute-taking, travel arrangements, meeting scheduling, event planning and organizing your boss.  Some of the younger workers could teach us new tricks with technology to do all of the above. 

The next time you figure out how to do something, send an email to your team and share it.  They might already know, but then again it might be just the thing they were trying to figure out.  Especially when it comes to technology.  If you throw it out there, it gets others thinking about what they can share and then you have an environment of sharing information and growing.

Here are a few tips I will throw out:
  • If your menu bar disappears in Internet Explorer, press F11 to bring it back again. 
  • If you find yourself all of a sudden churning out weird characters when you're typing along, try pressing the left CTRL + SHIFT keys at the same time to switch it back over (You might need to press them a few times).
  • If you are at a meeting and have a PowerPoint presentation on screen (in Slideshow mode), but are not ready to show it yet, press B and the screen will go black, or W and the screen will go white.  When you are ready to start the presentation, press any key to bring the presentation back on screen. 
  • In Excel, if you want to go to the next line, but stay in the same cell, press Alt Enter.
Do you have anything to share?


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I'm an executive assistant supporting three C-suite leaders at a trauma hospital. My best tip is Google! If I can't remember or figure out how to do something (technology-wise), I type my exact question into Google. It is much faster than the Help section of most programs and usually within the first page of results there is a succinct explanation of how to fix my problem. Google is a very underused resource (in my office anyway) - people are always saying "how did you know how to fix that?" Well, I didn't know but I spent 30 seconds on Google and I was back on track. All the best, Ann

Patricia Robb said...

I use Google all the time too. One of my previous co-workers always seemed to know the answers, but I could hear the keyboard clicks so knew it was something she was doing on the computer. Finally, I asked her what she was doing and discovered Google. That was about 10 years ago and I've been using it ever since.

Unknown said...

nice post

Unknown said...

Some great administrative staff tips, thanks Patricia!

Judy said...

Love the knowledge sharing! I've been sharing how-to steps for macros with the other admins on our project. Plus, how to show two time zones on our Outlook calendar. (I've posted some of these on my blog.)

Areyoulegaltestready said...

Applying Styles With Ease

This short write-up has to do with a situation where you have the need to apply a number of different styles in succession in a particular document and you don't want to hunt up and down the right side style pallet to find the style you need.

Just To Go Over Some Handy Tools:

1. Control Shift S (Apply Styles Toolbar). Type the style name you need and it will pop up in the window and you press your return key to apply the style.

2. Control Shift C - Control Shift V. Copy and Paste Formatting. Control Shift C to grab the formatting of a paragraph and Control Shift V to Paste that formatting to another paragraph.

If you have a number of different styles you are using in the document, leave 1 of them on the Control Shift V Clipboard. As you need that particular style, place your cursor in the paragraph that needs that particular style applied and press Control Shift V. You avoid having to use the Paint Brush since Control Shift V is equivalent to the Paint Brush. It will stay on the clipboard until you introduce another Copy Formatting situation (Control Shift C).

3. You can apply a number of successive paragraphs with a style sitting on the Control Shift V clipboard or apply a paragraph with a style on the Control Shift V clipboard and then highlight the next 5 or 10 paragraphs needing that same style and press F4 for the "Repeat" function.

4. Double Click on the Paint Brush while the cursor is sitting in a paragraph of a needed style and "perpetually" apply that particular style X number of paragraphs needing that same style.

Using "any" combination of these tools will speed up your applying of styles to large files.

I would suggest you try them all and you will ultimately come up with combinations that make the most sense for you.

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