22 April 2012

Staples.com National Admin Day Survey Finds Businesses Can Manage Without the Boss, but Not the Admin

I received an email referencing a survey conducted by Staples.  Please find below a copy/paste from a portion of that email.  The link to the full article with the survey results can be found here.

April 25 marks the 60th anniversary of National Administrative Professionals' Day, a holiday that recognizes the more than 13 million people working in administrative assistant and admin support roles in the U.S., according to the Department of Labor. For the holiday, Staples.com conducted a survey to discover people's perceptions of the office admin. The fun survey, conducted via Staples media channels, found admins to be more crucial to businesses than the boss, with nearly two-thirds reporting the office would more likely fall apart without the admin (65.2 percent) than without the boss (30.3 percent). Other findings:

• Respondents confess admins know their day better than a spouse (41.6 percent vs. 33.5 percent).

• More people are #TeamPam than #TeamJoan – Pam Halpert of The Office ranks as the most beloved office assistant (31.4%), followed by Mimi Bobeck of The Drew Carey Show (28.9%). Joan Holloway of Mad Men was a distant third (19.6%). Six times as many people prefer Pam over The Office's Erin Hannon.

• Admins report their roles encompass everything from the business-oriented (accountant, HR director) to therapist, even the miracle worker.

• Jury is out on whether National Admin Day is a day of gifting – most admins (62 percent) report they won't receive a present, while the majority of non-admins (67.8 percent) said they do plan to give a gift. Gift card ranks as the most popular gift option.

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