15 October 2011

Surviving busyness...

I have been super busy at work.  On top of managing the work lives of two very busy executives, I've also been planning a large dinner, board meeting and another event along with my other regular jobs.  Here is how I've been surviving:

Keep Organized
If it wasn't for the fact that I am organized, I don't know what I would have done.  At least I have my systems and know where everything is and that is half the battle.  You need to be able to grab what you need quickly.  You wouldn't believe how much time is wasted just looking for things.

Ask for help
Thankfully we have a great admin team who are always willing to help out in a crunch and I have been taking advantage of that.  There is always a small job here or there that if given away will relieve your workload and will definitely relieve your mind.  You know how it is when you know you have to do something, but just don't have the time to do it -- it weighs on your mind.  So for that reason alone it is worth giving those little jobs away, just to get them off your plate.  Return the favour though, a good team helps each other out.

Forget about being a perfectionist!
Definitely do a good job, don't skimp on proofreading and double checking, but determine what is a need to have and what is a nice to have.  If you are a perfectionist, your not so perfect is probably well above standard. 

Keep your sense of humour in tact
Nothing relieves stress better than a good laugh and having a sense of humour - even when you are crazy busy.  My boss is very funny and keeps me laughing most of the time.

Take time off
I am looking forward to a week off at the end of the  month with my daughter and small grandsons.  Just the thought of some light at the end of the tunnel is a good motivator.  Everyone needs to make the time to go away and rejuvenate and take care of ourselves.  The work will always be there when we get back.  Make sure you pass along anything that needs to be handled in your absence, put your out-of-office assistant on, change your voicemail message and go and enjoy life.  It's necessary!

I feel better already.

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