24 May 2009

Word and Outlook 2007 tips

I use Word 2007 at my new job and have never really had a chance to go through it to find the quick tips and how-tos that I had in Word 2003. Finally this weekend I searched out some of my old favourites and have listed them below in no particular order. I have also included some Outlook 2007 tips:

Word 2007:

Change Case
To toggle between upper, lower and initial caps. Highlight word and press Shift F3.

Change measurement for margins to inches (or centimeters if you prefer)
Click on the Office button, bottom middle there is a button called Word Options, click on it. Choose Advanced. Scroll down to Display Section,
Across from Show Measurements in Units of, there is drop down to change from centimeters to inches

Dot Leader
On the horizontal ruler, set the tab stop that you want (probably 6 on Ruler) On the Page Layout tab, open the Paragraph Dialog Box by clicking the arrow down. In the Paragraph dialog box, click Tabs (bottom left). Under Leader, click the leader option that suits your needs i.e. ……1 or -----1 Click OK
Type text you want i.e. Agenda as in example below. Then tab over and your leader will appear.
Agenda............................................... 2

Line Spacing
Highlight section you want to change spacing on. Choose Ctrl 1 for Single, Ctrl 2 for Double, Ctrl 5 for 1.5 spacing

To insert a document i.d. or a filename path to your document
Insert Footer, Edit Footer
On Insert Tab, click on drop down menu for Quick Parts. Choose Field.
In the Categories Drop Down Menu (top left hand corner), drop down and choose Document Information
Under Field Names (right below Categories drop down menu), click on FileName
In top right-hand corner under Field Options – Click on Add path to filename Press OK

Turn off check Grammar with Spelling
I like to check my spelling, but not the grammar at the same time. I find it really slows down the process and I have the Check Grammar While You Type on so feel that is enough. If you want to turn off the Check Grammar with Spelling and only enable the Check Spelling, here is how to do it. Click on Office Button, Word Options, Proofing, Scroll down to When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word. Unclick Check Grammar with Spelling. Press OK

To print the active window only, in PrintScreen hold down the Alt key and press Print Screen. Then open a new document and paste (Ctrl v).
To print the entire screen, press the PrintScreen key and then paste it into a blank document.

To continue paragraph numbering
Right click and choose either restart number or continue numbering

Outlook 2007:

To recall a message in Outlook 2007
Go in the Sent message you want to Recall. In the Message tab under Actions, you will see Other Actions in the Toolbar. Click on the arrow down and you will see the option to either Delete Unread copies of this message or Delete unread copies and replace with a new message. You should also click the box Tell me if Recall succeeds or fails for each recipient.

To set a recurring 9-5 meeting (as opposed to clicking all-day meeting)
I don't like the all-day meeting settings as they are out of sight at the top of the calendar and easily missed. If my boss is going to be away from Monday to Wednesday, I block off the day and set a recurrence for the three days. His calendar then shows blocked time and nobody misses seeing that he is away. To do this Open a New Meeting. At this stage the start and end date should be the same, but the time should be set for how many hours for that day i.e. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Set a recurrence. Recurrence should be set to Daily, Every 1 day. Range of occurrence should be set. Put in Start date and click on End by and put in End date. Click OK. Your bosses calendar will now show Monday to Wednesday blocked from 9-5. There is little chance that someone will miss that and double book them.

Send a Meeting Request, without getting replies
You know how it is when you send a meeting request to the whole organization and then get 40 replies in your Inbox. If it is not necessary to see the Replies then just turn off your Request Responses button. To do so choose Invite Attendees. Under Attendees tab, choose the bottom icon called Responses. Arrow down and unclick the Request Responses button.
Turn off automatic email memoryTools, Options, Preferences, E-mail Options, Advanced E-mail OptionsUnclick “Suggest names while completing To, cc and bcc…”

Turn off items being marked as read when your cursor sits on it
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Other tab. Click Reading Pane button. Make sure there is no check mark in the Mark items as read when viewed in the reading pane and the Mark items as read when selection changes check box

To set your default reminder to 15 mins (or whatever you choose) Tools, Options, for Calendar Options, choose the time you want i.e. 15 mins, 30 mins. Etc. Click Apply and OK

To set your email to view b.c.c. in Send bar
Open a new message. Under the Options Tab, click on Fields and choose Show b.c.c.

How to set Out-of-Office Assistant
Tools, Out-of-Office Assistant. Click on I am currently in the office/or I am currently out of the office. Type in message (when you will be away, who to contact in your absence, when you will return). Press OK

Hope these are helpful.

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