19 June 2008

Reading your way into a great career

Read, read, read! There is so much available out there. I have found that I have gained so much knowledge from reading about work. I read professional magazines, books about topics that I want to be educated on, website articles related to my career and the list can go on.

Educating yourself doesn't have to cost big bucks or take time away from your family to attend courses. You can read during your commute to work, read before bed or during your lunch break. What better way to spend the time while waiting for a dentist or doctor's appointment than reading a book? That's the beauty of a book or magazine, you can take it with you.

Here is a list of magazines, books and websites that have caught my eye lately:

Professional Magazines:

This is a well-written professional magazine put out by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

Admin Advantage
This is also a very good professional magazine by Desk Demon based in the UK and the United States.


45 Things by Workplace Columnist Anita Bruzzese
I love visiting Anita's blog. She is insightful and has witty and relevant articles about your career and workplace.

Admin Secret - "In the Know, Running the Show"
This is a new site for administrative professionals and is part of the Monster.com family. It is a fun site to visit, with interesting and relevant articles for the office worker.

Office Arrow - "For Office Professionals, By Office Professionals"
As the title states, this is a site created for and by office professionals and you can tell. The articles are very well written and are relevant to what we do every day. A must-visit site.

The Brazen Careerist - by Penelope Trunk
This can be an interesting site to visit. Sometimes it is more personal than work, but then work can be personal. It is a mixed bag of good information that can really hit the mark.


How Full is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life - by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton

Working Relationships: The Simple Truth About Getting Along with Friends and Foes at Work - by Bob Wall
I have commented on this book and recommended it often. It is a very good read with great tips and stategies for getting along with our co-workers.

Nuts, Bolts and Jolts - by Richard Moran
I get so many quotes from this book. It is filled with fun and serious quotes about work and business.

These are just a few of many. Check out the sidebar of the blog "My Blog List" for more interesting links.

If there are any good magazines, books and sites that you want to share, I'd love to hear about them.