29 May 2008

You Don't Say...

When I was a hairdresser, the last thing that you wanted to hear your hairdresser say was, “Oops!”. Here are some things that a boss would probably not want to hear from their assistant:

  • Uh oh!
  • Was I supposed to send that?
  • Did you mean now?
  • Sorry, I forgot.
  • I think that's their name?
  • Oh my goodness, I sent the e-mail to the wrong person?
  • I thought you said by regular mail...
  • Was I supposed to save that document? I threw it in the garbage.
  • I forgot to send the invitations out for the conference tomorrow.
  • I hung up by mistake.
  • Sorry, I didn't get their number?
  • I don't recall anything about that file.
  • Who?
  • My computer crashed and I lost everything.
  • Oh no! I forgot to register you.
  • Was I supposed to book a flight for today? I just phoned and there aren't any seats available.
  • Sorry, I remembered to do everything, but book your hotel room. Do you have any friends in that city?

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