15 January 2008

Finding Time for Fitness

I had been going to the gym for three years with no results. I was discouraged. I wasn't gaining weight, but I wasn't losing any either. Where were all the toned muscles I had expected? I was also getting bored with the same routine. So I did what many people do after their initial zeal – I quit!

I browsed around looking for another fitness place to go to where I might be more motivated. At one gym I saw a sign-up sheet for a personal trainer? Could I afford it? It was expensive, but they promised results. I was turning 50 that year. It seemed every decade brought on five more pounds of unwanted fat. This time I was ready to do battle. I signed up.

I went into it with high expectations and determination. I, of course, wanted instant results, but was told it was going to take time and that I had to be committed and do the work.

I signed up for 12 weeks. I was faithful. I worked hard. I started to see some results. I lost five pounds in my twelve weeks of training. I tried so hard. I listened to the trainer as he told me about my diet and what I should and shouldn't eat. My muscles were getting toned, I could see the difference. But I was hoping to lose more weight than that.

Now the 12 weeks were up and I was on my own, but this time I was equipped with the knowledge the trainer had given me so I continued to work out. I added 20 minutes of cardio on my weight training days and on the alternate days I did a 30 minute cardio work out. I could still hear my trainer saying, “Just five more, come on I know you can do it”. I committed to going to the gym a minimum of 5 times a week with the weekend being my break time.

I have now lost 15 pounds. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. I have gotten my shape back. My muscles are more defined. I am more comfortable in this body of mine and I feel fit.

Some of my co-workers tell me I've inspired them to work out. They can see the difference.

I would recommend to anyone to go to a personal trainer, at least for a short time. You will get educated on what you need to do to accomplish your goals. The weight machines won't seem so frightening. They will become familiar and easy to use. Most of all you will have a plan.

I had almost bored myself out of going to the gym from those first three years when I didn't know what I was doing. I had one routine that I did every time I went. It is no wonder people drop out and decide it is not for them.

My routine is now varied. I change things up and try to make my time at the gym interesting. I challenge myself. No, I didn't lose the weight I thought I would with the trainer, but I did gain something much more valuable – I got educated on how to use the gym!

Don't give up! Just keep on going. Your health is worth it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia,

The only thing that I would be weary about is gym memberships have not been on the good side of the Better Business Bureau. You have to be careful and read the contract thoroughly to see if there are any clauses that would leave your wallet empty.

Ask if you can take the contract home and if they decline, walk away.

Good job on getting fit though!


Richard Rinyai

Patricia Robb said...

When you sign a contract at a gym in Ontario at least you have 10 days to change your mind without penalty so that helps, but you should read the contract over carefully. Here is a site that explains about gym memberships: know your rights.