10 November 2007

Calendar Tip

Your boss has a teleconference scheduled and is out of the office and will be joining the call on his Blackberry. An email was sent with what the client wanted to discuss including particulars about a matter. In order for your boss to have all the information he needs for the call, drag and drop the email into the calendar meeting date. He can then view the information he needs before the meeting from his Blackberry.

Quick Tip

If you have put an email or comments in the meeting date I always recommend typing (SEE BELOW) or (OPEN TO READ COMMENTS) in either the Subject or Location box. If they are not in the habit of opening the meeting date they may not realize it is in there.

Other things you can put in the comments section would be:
  • call-in numbers if it is a teleconference
  • agenda
  • address/directions to get to the meeting
  • confirmed attendance list with phone numbers (especially if your boss is the Chair)
  • and any other information you think would be helpful

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