6 June 2017

New Minute-taking Webinar

I am giving a minute-taking webinar on June 14 and invite you to join in.  Along with the more traditional minute-taking role, I will be talking about 'live' minute taking.  It can seem very intimidating when all eyes are on you as you type, but there is a way to make even this less stressful. 

I will also speak about those times when your boss calls you into a meeting at the last minute to take notes and you weren't expecting it.  There are ways you can be prepared even under these circumstances.

These new ways seem to be the trend these days and what many are finding they are asked to do.   I will discuss all of these, plus the traditional minute-taking role, and include tips and best practices to help make your experience more positive. 

If you are a seasoned minute taker or a beginner and want to learn more, you can register at the following link: https://www.businessmanagementdaily.com/plp/67700/index.html?campaigncode=1537PR

I hope to see you there.


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